Tasers Greatest Hits – The top 25 taser attack videos provide a sobering look at the overuse of tasers by police who should know when a taser hit is really necessary.

Some of the “Top 25 Tasers Greatest Hits” totally deserve it. Others are a total abuse of power on defenseless people including a pregnant woman, a 78-year old man, and a wheelchair-bound woman.

Then there’s the guy who didn’t get his driver’s license and registration out within 40 seconds of being pulled over. Judge for yourself who deserves a taser hit…

Driver chased and tasered on live TV

Arsonist tasered on rooftop

Guy already in jail gets tasered

Tasered guy pulls out taser barbs and keeps going

Guy tasered within 40 seconds for not producing license and registration

Man tasered for breaking into his own home

Police use a Taser on a man after they find him fumbling to get into his own home. He was convicted of resisting arrest.

Student tasered for asking question at John Kerry speech

Handcuffed suspect tasered in holding cell

Cop testing taser goes down hard

Drama queen driver gets tasered

Ohio woman repeatedly tasered by cop until unconscious

Officer on leave after woman tasered

Girl tasered at protest

College student tasered for refusing to leave library

Two cops taser handcuffed woman in booking room

Guy gets tasered in testicles

Drunk moons cops, gets tasered

Hot girl gets tasered by boyfriend

BYU professor tasered in court after testifying against Mormon Church

Polish immigrant tasered to death at Vancouver airport

Cop tasers pregnant woman holding baby

Wife pulled over, husband tasered fifteen times

Cop uses taser on speeder standing next to car

3 cops repeatedly taser 78-year old man trying to get his car from police impound lot

William Lamb, who was 78 years old at the time of this incident, entered the LAX Police station because his vehicle was impounded during an international trip. He becomes upset when officers refuse to release his vehicle, and threatens to sue the police.

During the 4 December 2004 incident, Mr. Lamb sustained a broken elbow and abrasions to the arms in addition to the TASER wounds. Several months after this application of lethal force, Mr. Lambs right leg spontaneously broke while walking to his mailbox. His femur broke at the precise location of the 50,000 volt TASER injury. Mr. Lamb’s leg was repaired surgically and he now walks with the assistance of a walker.

Wheelchair-bound woman tasered 20 times dies

That’ll teach her for threatening to cut herself with a knife…

Audio recording of her taser death

“I thought this all happened at once. This actually happened over a period of three to four minutes,” says the family’s attorney, Rick Alexander. Alexander says reports also show both tasers were used on Delafield ten times each.

And thats the Top 25 Tasers Greatest Hits.