Leah Remini pics – Here are photos of hot actress Leah Remini who starred in The King Of Queens with Kevin James for seven years and looked exceptionally sexy doing it.

Gotta love a hot actress who knows how to get down! Here are the best Leah Remini pics:
Leah Remini in a bird cage picture

Leah’s co-star Kevin James describes her as having “the mouth of a construction worker in the body of a model.”

Leah Remini black pants and halter top

She originally appeared in “Saved by the Bell”
Leah Remini strategically covered 

Remini remains a Brooklyn girl at heart, born there in 1970:
Leah Remini modeling photo 

Leah’s appearance in Maxim magazine was well received:
Leah remini on cover of Maxim magazine

She also looked pretty hot on the cover of FHM magazine:
Leah Remini pictured on cover of FHM 

Nothing beats Leah Remini photos like this sexy red bikini pic:
Leah remini models tiny red bikini

Leah is only 5’3″ tall:
Leah remini picture wearing balck leather pants 

She sometimes has trouble finding clothes that fit:
Leah remini looking incredibly hot

All in all, she’s simply scrumptious any way you look at it…

Like in this video clip:

And those are all the hot Leah Remini pics I could find.