Miss France 2008 Scandal – Valerie Begue, the newly crowned Miss France for 2008 seen in pictures below, is caught up in a scandal over photos of her suggestively eating yogurt and reclining on a crucifix in a bikini.

Miss France 2008 scandal photo

Newly-crowned Miss France 2008 scandal now has Valerie Begue being ordered to hand back her sash and crown after photographs of her draped on a crucifix and provocatively eating yogurt were published in Entrevue magazine.

The infamous Miss France yogurt ad in Entervue magazine

Organisers of the beauty pageant took exception to the photgraphs of 22-year old Miss France floating on a crucifix in a swimming pool while wearing a bikini and eating yogurt in a sexually suggestive manner.

Miss France 2008 Valerie Begue being crowned

The scandalous photos were part of an ad campaign that Miss France 2008 shot three years ago while still a college student.

Pageant officials were upset that Miss France had not disclosed the photos existence as required by contest rules.

Miss France, seen here in the swimsuit competition, is quite a looker:Valerie Begue, Miss France 2008 angel outfit

Miss Begue said the ad campaign photos were a youthful indiscretion and added that she felt “betrayed” by whoever had sold the pictures to Entrevue magazine.

Valerie Begue was Miss reunion before winning Miss France title

Valerie hails from tiny Reunion Island, all of which is in an uproar over her forced removal as Miss France in the photo scandal.

Here’s the famous Miss France 2008 yogurt lapping pic:

And that’s the latest news on the Miss France 2008 scandal.