Hannah Montana Racy Pictures – Miley Cyrus, star of the hit Disney show Hannah Montana, keeps having racy pictures of her pop up doing things like flashing her panties or pretending to share a lesbian kiss with a girlfriend.

Hannah Montana racy picture - lesbian kiss

Some of the Hannah Montana racy pictures are just 15-year old Miley Cyrus having a good time snapping MySpace pics with gal pals, but she needs to remember her preteen fans are quite impressionable.

Hannya Montana - Miley Cyrus racy lesbian hotel pics

The release of the racy hotel room pictures of Miley Cyrus and one of her best friends has upset her.

Miley Cyrus and girlfriend hotel room pictures 

Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana, released a statement about the leaked hotel photos:

 “There was nothing wrong with it. It’s two girls at a sleepover. And if all of a sudden that’s bad, then what is the world coming to? Honestly, I just try to keep my cool.

At first, I was really upset. It really sucks to be honest. It was a friend of mine that’s a normal girl and – look at me getting all upset – the worst part is she has to go to school and deal with that crap.”

Miley Cyrus hotel room photos 

Miley continued. “I have to deal with that anyways. I deal with it all the time.”

Cyrus added without naming her girlfriend that she is a “normal girl” who is one of her “best friends.”

Hannah Montana hotel room pics 

Apparently, Miley Cyrus has forgotten the big flap earlier this year over the racy pictures where the Hannah Montana star flashed her panties. 

Hannah Montana panty flash

Pictures of Hannah Montana flashing her panties while mooning a camera isn’t the wholesome image Disney would like to see from their young star.

Hannah Montana panties racy photo

Other Miley Cyrus racy pictures have also surfaced in My Space style photos.

Miley Cyrus racy pictures MySpace photo

Miley is obviously older than many of her young fans and shops at stores like Victorias Secret.

Miley Cyrus shopping at Victorias Secret 

Miley needs to keep those young fans in mind when taking racy pics or dressing in really short skirts while performing as Hannah Montana. 

Hannah Montana performing

It’s no wonder those “Hannah Montana pregnant” rumors still persist…

And that’s all the latest Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana racy pictures.