Beth Ann Chester – Moon Area High School teacher Beth Ann Chester seen in pictures below faces nine criminal charges for having sexual contact with a 14-year old male student.

Beth Ann Chester faces nine criminal charges

26-year old Beth Ann Chester was charged Friday with sexual abuse of children, statutory sexual assault, endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors and other related counts.

Basically, they threw the book at her and she is being held in jail after failing to post a $50,000 secured bond.

On Dec. 22, Chester sent three pictures of herself, two of them naked, to the boy’s cell phone, police said. The student replied with a naked picture of himself, authorities said.

The boy’s parents discovered suggestive text messages on Dec. 26, then met with Chester later that day, police said. She tendered her resignation the next day, citing personal reasons, said Moon Area School District attorney Jack Cambest.

Beth Ann Chester mugshot:
Beth Ann Chester police mugshot

Strangely enough, the boy says he didn’t have sex with his phys ed teacher while Beth Chester told police that they did indeed have sex. Guess he thought it was just a phys ed assignment or something.

Police say they are shocked by the case. OMG!

“We investigate all kinds of crimes out here. In my history at the police department, this has never happened before,” said Sgt. Alan Morrow, of the Moon Township police department. “You hear of it on the national news, happening in large cities. Well, it happened right here in our town.”

Last week, police say Chester the child molestor was a ninth grade physical education and health teacher and has resigned from her job. She is still considered a school employee until the Board accepts her resignation at it’s next meeting.

Moon Area high School is where Beth Chester taught

As part of the police investigation, the school district has turned over Chester’s computer to officials. Investigators also say they seized a cell phone from the teen, a 14-year-old male student.

The student has reportedly been grounded for life by his parents who are shocked that a 14-year old boy would behave like that. 

And that’s the latest news on yet another teacher caught having sex with an underage male student, Beth Ann Chester.