I Am Your Brother American Idol – Renaldo Lapuz American Idol audition video of “I Am Your Brother” (your best friend forever) from Season 7 Dallas auditions on the January 16th show.

Renaldo Lapuz singing I Am Your Brother on American idol

I Am Your Brother American Idol Video (full audition – 7:00 min)

I Am Your Brother Lyrics

I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing the songs
The music that you love
Brothers til the end of time
Together or not
You’re always in my heart
You hurt your feelings
And you will rain on mine
I love you brother

(repeat ad nauseum)

Renaldo calls his song “We Are Brothers Forever.” 

Gotta love Renaldo Lapuz! Best American Idol audition ever?

And that’s the video of I Am Your Brother American Idol.