Parkland High School Pics – Nude cellphone pics of two Parkland High School girls went viral along with another cellphone video of a boy and girl having sex, causing the local DA to order state troopers to inspect 40 students’ cellphones to make sure the images and video were deleted.

Parkland High School pics ordered deleted

The Parkland High School pics of the 15-year old girl and 17-year old girl having sex and exposing their bare breasts were taken by the girls themselves and forwarded to a classmate who, well you know, forwarded them to the entire school.

Parkland High School battles racy cellphone pics

Students at Parkland High School outside Allenton, PA say that eventually everyone got copies of the pics and sex videos showing the two underage girls having sex with a boy. Some say the pictures and video clips even reached students at nearby Temple University and Harvard.

Cellphone pics were from Truth or Dare game

“The reason they are making such a big deal is because they are underage,” one student said.

Parkland High School pictures - girls were underage

“I mean it is pornography,” one parent said. “I mean it’s just amazing that they (the students) would think that this is OK.”

Parkland High School girls cellphone pic

“I think it’s despicable, you know, sending pictures around and stuff,” one Parkland High School student said.

Most of the teens said they knew of the scandal months ago. “I’ve seen them but I didn’t get them on my phone,” a student said.

Parkland high school video

A third male student said he’d seen the video clip, and asked what it showed, replied, “Like everything.”

A female student said she knows two of the participants, adding, “I think it’s pretty embarassing for them.”

Parkland high school girls pose for pictures

“With the new technology, you have to watch your children at all angles. Everything’s exposed today,” said parent Debie Rowland.

Authorities now say three girls appear in sexually explicit cell phone images, one more than originally reported.

Pictures of Richland High School girls

It’s not known if the District Attorney and the state troopers actually believe that inspecting 40 students’ cellphones to make sure the Parkland High School pics were deleted will actually stop them from spreading even further. 

Next thing you know, they’ll actually check their MySpace pages…lol! 

And that’s all the Parkland High School pics.