is the exact same phishing site as and it’s hosted from the exact same server IP address. We exposed that site yesterday after it generated thousands of hits from phony MySpace bulletins asking “is this u on” is being spam marketed the same way via MySpace bulletin spam.  The domain used to have a legitimate site on it, but it lapsed and was picked up by these spammers who are using it for phishing and identity theft.

Here’s a screenshot of so if you compare it to yesterday’s phishing site warning posted here (, you’ll see they are identical. web site

Here is a picture of the bestubelieve source code showing that it is served up via an iframe from the exact same server and web page located here:

bestubelieve source code pic

So, these guys are doing the “same old shit, different domain” thing. They are tricking people into either signing up for a ringtone plan or giving up their email and password information and getting injected with a virus in return.

Some people mistype it as so make sure you don’t do the typo thing!

Warn other people that it’s a scam phishing site and tell them not to go to