Obama Loves Illegal Immigrants – Presidential candidate Barack Obama loves illegal immigrants so much that he wants to make all 12 million of them U.S. citizens.

Watch this video and see how much Barack Obama loves illegal immigrants:

Obama’s immigration positions:

  • Make 12 million illegal immigrants citizens
  • Stop raiding employers looking for illegal aliens
  • It’s not worthwhile to round up and deport them
  • Calls for searchable national database of all citizens

Brilliant strategy! Let’s make 12 million people who snuck in this country illegally into citizens.

I thought politicians were supposed to “Make us better”, not make things worse?

If we’re really looking for 12 million new citizens, why not select the best and the brightest from around the world and deport the scofflaws who snuck across the border?

Place a fine of $10,000 per paycheck on any company that employs an illegal immigrant and you won’t have to deport them. They’ll go back where they came from because no one will hire them.

And that’s the video clip showing just how much Barack Obama loves illegal immigrants.