is yet another phishing site being promoted by spam MySpace bulletins. is the third one in three days from the same spammers behind and, all of which are identical in every respect. These sites are for identity theft and virus insertion, so avoid them like the plague!

Here is a screenshot of the home page followed by one of it’s website source code. Like the other two phishing web sites, it is hosted at and displayed via an iframe. website screenshot

Source code: source code picture

As mentioned in two other posts, these sites are using psychological tricks to get you off balance, so that you might actually consider taking action. First, they have a loud message blaring when the site opens and a ringtones offer that will “expire” in 240 seconds.

Then, uses misdirection to trick you into entering your email and password to gain access to the promised video content. They claim that they need to do that to prevent bots from clogging server bandwidth.

It’s all a hoax and the scam is that they inject you with a trojan designed to load malware on your computer and steal personal information. The identity theft aspect is made easier by the fact that many people will enter the same password they use to access their email and their MySpace profile.

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Don’t enter any personal information on this website or others like it. These guys are pros and the website is just one of many they are using.