HitsUSA Blog Archives December 2007 – Part 1

Alexandra Paressant Pics

Red Meat Causes Cancer

Jessica Alba Pregnant

Aqsa Parvez: Death By Hijab

Triplets widowed dad

Led Zeppelin London Concert Video

Christel Gravlin

George Clooney Engaged

Flying Squirrel Suit

Oprah Campaigns for Barack Obama

Foxboro Hut Tubs are Green Day

Miss Bikini International 2007

Mom Dies Having Triplets

Sex and The City movie trailer

Kayla Cornale

Eva Mendez PETA Ad

2008 Grammy Nominations

Tim Tebow Girlfriend

Jenna Bush Calls Home

Omaha Mall Shooting

Anna Rawson

Amy Winehouse Red Bra Pics

Wedding Ring Saves Man’s Life

Healthy Toys Guide

The Book Of Cheating

Sperm Donor Child Support


Jocelyn Kirsch

Dakota Dinosaur Mummy

Suicide Bomber Exploding Bra Video

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hawaii photos

Sean Taylor Murder Suspects

US Hostages In Columbia

Zoey Zander aka Zoey Zane