Free Car Media, or FreeCar Media as they’re really called, signs up thousands of drivers and pays them $400 to $800 a month to drive a free car wrapped in vinyl advertising graphics. The unique free car program run by FreeCar Media is incredibly popular as you can see in these promo car pictures for Playboy and other brands  below:

Free Car Playboy ad

Gotta love the attention a Playboy ad on your free car attracts!

Free Car Venom Drink Ad

 Car wrap advertising on an SUV promoting Venom sports drink.

Free Car with casino ad wrap

 Free car advertising a casino in Chicago. Do you feel lucky, punk?

Free car advertising IHOP

You’ll be a late night Pied Piper in your IHOP free SUV with ad wraps.

Want to get a car for free? Here’s how the free car advertising program works: “If you are chosen, you will receive a new car, wrapped in an attractive advertisement, to use for two years or you will be given the option to wrap the vehicle that you currently own and get paid up to $400 a month.”

Here’s where to signup to drive a free car.  Note: These guys are swamped with media attention right now so they’ve got a huge waiting list.

Other sites offering free car driving with vinyl car wrap advertising are:

So, that’s all the details on how to get a free new car. Good luck!

Click here to go to Free Car Media.