Carpet skates are all the rage right now with kids, just like Heely’s wheeled shoes were a year back. Fun Slides carpet skates slide just like socks do on a hardwood floor, so they give you that same fun slide on carpet!

FunSlides carpet skates have a friction-resistant plastic base and foam foot grip with a Velcro strap. Just strap them on over your shoes and you are ready to slide and glide over any kind of carpeting. Here’s a photo of what these fun indoor skates look like:

Carpet Skates picture

FunSlides carpet skates are available in six colors: Blue, Red, Lime, Hot Pink, Silver, and Purple. They also have a school fundraising program that sounds like fun. Finally, a unique fundraiser that both parents and kids will love!

Check out this YouTube video of college kids using them like skateboards:

Carpet skates make a great birthday present or fun gift for children of all ages. Rumor has it that adults also love skating around on their own pair at home or the office. They cost $19.99 and you can buy them at major toy chains, by phone from Fun Slides at (800) 847-4683 or at the company website.

Next thing you know, someone will start promoting a carpet skates workout video!

Fun Slides carpet skates package

Click here for the FunSlides Carpet Skates website.