Hitler’s Gold – Treasure hunters digging for Nazi gold buried on Hitler’s orders near Deutschneudorf, Germany believe they have located two tons of gold and portions of the famed Amber Room looted from St. Petersburg by the Nazis.

Hitler's gold

Digging for Hitler’s gold was stopped a week ago because of fears the shaft might collapse or that the cave containig the Nazi treasure may be boobytrapped.

Hitlers gold dig site in Ore Mountains

Treasure hunter Heinz Peter Haustein, mayor of Deutschneudorf and a member of Germany’s Parliament, said: “We have already hit a hollow area under the surface, it’s filled with water and we are not sure if it is the cave we are looking for.”

Excavation at dig site for Nazi gold

“I’m well over 90 percent sure we have found the Amber Room,” Haustein, who led the search, told the German news agency Spiegel. “The chamber is likely to be part of a labyrinth of storage rooms that the Nazis built here. I knew it was in this area. I just never knew exactly where.”

View from Germany's Ore Mountains

At Friday’s news conference about the possibility the dig had found long hidden Nazi gold, fellow treasure hunter Christian Hanisch said their geological surveying equipment had located a possible cave about 30 feet under the surface containing “precious metals that can only be either gold or silver. The instruments would not have reacted to any other metal like copper.”  

Equipment reading shows buried Nazi gold

Hanisch pointed out that his father, who was a navigator in the Luftwaffe, the Nazi air force, was one of the troops said to have been involved in hiding art, gold and silver as the Nazis realized that they would lose the war.

In what was code named Operation Sunset, trusted Nazi military personnel hid the valuables in caves and then dynamited the entrances to ensure the treasure survived to fund the rebuilding of the German army after the war.

Hanisch said that when his father died, he left coordinates leading to the spot in Deutschneudorf where the two tons of gold are believed to be hidden. “There was a note written next to the coordinates that the site contained Nazi party gold in 12-kilo bars. If the gold is there, the Amber Room will be too.” 

Amber Room looted by Nazis

Digging in the search for Hitler’s gold resumed today outside the small town in southern Germany after additional support timbers were placed to prevent collapse of the dig’s walls.

Haustein, the German Parliament member who is paying for the expedition, said he hopes that finding the gold could lead to the Amber Room, whose interior is made completely of amber and gold. It was looted by the Nazis from a castle in St. Petersburg, Russia, after Adolf Hitler’s forces invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

The legendary Amber Room

Many called the Amber Room “the eighth wonder of the world.” It disappeared after the war, and today a replica stands in its place in St. Petersburg.

Although small parts of the legendary Amber Room have resurfaced, the vast majority remains missing.

Haustein has been looking for the room for more than 12 years. “I am certain that large parts of the Amber Room are buried somewhere here.”

Search For Hitler’s Gold – CNN Video

Adding that he has collected large amounts of circumstantial evidence that the Nazis hid the Amber Room in the old copper mines around Deutschneudorf and then sealed them off, Haustein said he has no concrete proof.

Haustein said the Nazis began bringing stolen loot including art, gold and silver to the region around Deutschneudorf as early as summer 1944.

Deutschneudorf is in Germany’s Ore Mountains, and the mountain where the treasure hunters claim to have found Hitler’s gold was honeycombed with copper mines during the 19th century.

In the 1970’s, geologists found machine guns, parts of uniforms and explosives left behind by Hitler’s Wehrmacht that are now on display at the town’s museum.

And that’s the latest on the search for Hitler’s Gold.