The Velvet Hat Trick is a naughty bit of slang whose meaning will put a blush on a pretty girl’s face. And what exactly does the sexual innuendo, “velvet hat trick” mean?

A velvet hat trick is when you score oral, vaginal, and anal sex in one night with one girl. In old school slang, it was a trip Around The World.

Other euphemisms for this sexual trifecta include velvet hattrick, velvet three, v-hattrick, and sex hat trick.

Basically, a velvet hat trick is the ultimate penetration. Used in conversation between guys, it sounds something like this: “I bought her flowers, we hung out and watched “The Notebook” together at her place, and afterwards, she rewarded me with a Velvet Hat Trick.

Of course, that’s the clean version of the sex hat trick recounting. ¬†Others shorten it to: “I wined her, I dined her, I took her home and mined her. Up high, down low, and back door. That chick was like velvet.”

The old school term of “Around The World” often found on brothel menus means the same thing. Oral, vaginal, and anal sex all in the same session or evening.

And that my friend is the Velvet Hat Trick!