– The website tries to trick you into signing up for expensive text messaging services by promoting itself as having information about your secret crush. website screenshot

The website is the latest in a long line of scam websites that use fake MySpace messages to lure the unwary into disclosing your cell number and PIN code by using the old crush calculator or love calculator trick. text message billing rate

It’s all a big scam that creates a false sense of urgency by giving you a 2-minute countdown – pictured below – to enter your PIN number and get your crush details.

You have to enter your phone number at

Once you enter your cellphone and your PIN at, you’ve signed up for incredibly expensive text messages that are nothing but stupid horoscopes.

Next they want your PIN number

And for that stupid set of text messages that have nothing to do with your secret crush, huge amounts like $5.99 weekly or $19.99 monthly are added to your cellphone bill. horsoscope text message pricing

Avoid sites like because they are nothing but a big scam. You get nothing of value for your money. Most people never realize they signed up for a horoscope text message service until they start getting enormous charges added to their cellphone bills.

Terms and conditions for

The only worthwhile information on this scam website is this: “Your sole remedy is to cease using the Service by texting “STOP” to 75557.”

And that’s the deal on the latest “secret crush” website that tricks you into paying big bucks for really lame text messages,