Joelle Ogletree, the Texas high school teacher wrongfully accused of having sex with her students, was “Nifonged” by her school district’s rush to judgement. Just like in the Duke lacrosse case, a zealous prosecutor combined with overeager school officials to charge an innocent person with criminal behavior.

Now Joelle Ogletree is fighting back by filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the Glen Rose, Texas school board. She refused to buckle under enormous pressure and accept a plea bargain that would have avoided an almost certain jail term.

Deja vu the Duke lacrosse case anyone? Joelle was Nifonged for sure!

Here is a picture of Joelle Ogletree, the teacher wrongfully accused of having sex with students:

Joelle Ogletree

Five years ago, French teacher Joelle Ogletree was accused of having sex with three students at a high school in Texas. Ogletree, maintaining her innocence, refused to accept the prosecutor’s plea deal, and by the time the trial rolled around, one student admitted to lying and the other two were discredited.

The fact that the student who admitted lying was the son of the mayor and that the other two constantly changed their stories and made up new details of encounters not previously disclosed didn’t seem to faze the prosecutor one bit.

Is he a Mike Nifong clone or what? Here’s a link to a local paper with all the juicy details about the prom king and the mayor’s son who accused Joelle Ogletree.

Joelle and her husband had to refinance their house twice to pay over $100,000 in legal bills, but she never gave up in spite of prosecutorial misconduct and school officials deliberately influencing the accusers to stand by their stories.

Even when one of the accusers recanted at a church retreat and admitted the whole thing was all a lie, the prosecutor pressed on. Now, Joelle Ogletree is saying it’s payback time.

Unable to regain her teaching job despite her court victory, Joelle is basing her suit on the fact that the school officials interviewed the two initial claimants together which makes them less likely to admit a lie. They also called the students in for questioning over a dozen times, asking leading questions and encouraging them to stand by their unsubstantiated claims, before firing Mrs. Ogletree only a few days later.

Even worse, Joelle Ogletree isn’t even allowed on school property, even as a volunteer at her daughter’s elementary school. Where does she go to get her good name back?

Here’s a link to the Fox News video about the Joelle Ogletree case.