is the latest phishing site to popup everywhere on fake MySpace bulletins. This is the fifth clone of the same site to surface in the past week. Besides, the same people are also behind,,, and, so read this post to discover what’s going on. is served up via an iframe from this site:

Here is a screenshot of the index page and the source code showing they are all one and the same. source code

Most people are smart enough to decline the ringtones offer, but sometimes the “urgency” of the limited time offer inspires people to signup. These sites also expertly use psychological tricks to get you off balance and trick you into entering your email address and password so you can find out about the supposed embarassing video clip.

Once you enter your email and password, their scripts immediately try to login to your MySpace account and send another fake bulletin to all your friends. This viral spamming gets them huge numbers of hits to these websites.

Trust me, there is no embarassing video profile of you on any of these sites, there is no one viewing your profile 9 times in the last 24 hours, so don’t fall for the “is this u on” or any of that other nonsense.

If you have entered your email and password on, immediately change your password on MySpace as well as on your email account itself, if that’s using the same password.

They not only sell your information to spammers and identity thieves, they also infect your computer with a trojan virus to steal even more personal information from you and download spyware and ad popups onto your PC.

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Avoid even going to these sites! And whatever you do, don’t enter your email address and password at the website.