Shane Lamas – Bachelor contestant Shane Lamas, aka Shayne Lamas and pictured below, is the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas from his second marriage to Michelle Smith.

Shane Lamas

22-year old Shane Lamas on The Bachelor has captivated viewers with both her beauty and her ditzy behavior, including whining to Matt Grant about how it’s breaking her heart to have to share him with the other girls.

Shayne Lamas, contestant on The Bachelor and Lorenzo Lamas daughter

Of course, on The Bachelor Shane – her name really is Shayne Lamas – has to compete with other eager girls like the one who removed her panties on camera and stuffed them into Matt’s pocket.

Matt Grant on Season 12 of The Bachelor

Shayne Lamas showed her ditzy side on Season 12 of The Bachelor when they went to Vegas and the contestnat who won the most money also won a solo date with Matt Grant. After losing all her money going all-in, Shane cried pitifully in true reality TV style.

Shane Lamas and father Lorenzo Lamas

Shane Lamas has been acting since her mid-teens and with her beautiful looks and family money – both dad Lorenzo Lamas and grandfather Fernando Lamas made millions – really can’t be that hard up for a date.

Lorenzo Lamas and daughter Shayne in family photo

It’s all about the fame, baby!

And those are all the hot pics of “The Bachelor” contestant Shane Lamas.