The UFO over Haiti sighting caught on video and posted on YouTube August 8th sparked a huge debate over whether the Haiti UFO sightings are real. Well, they’re not real, but the story is way more incredible than that. You see, the UFO over Haiti video was a proof of concept for a movie under development about two guys who realease a UFO hoax video and the whole thing quickly spirals out of control.

The original UFO over Haiti video clip was posted by barzolff814 on August 8th and it has already been viewed over 3 million times. See for yourself in the original YouTube video clip of the Haiti UFO sighting:

Many have referred to it as the best UFO video ever and definitely not a fake. The real truth is that the Haiti UFO video is indeed a hoax, but the story is actually a textbook case of life imitating art.

You see, the UFO Haiti video was created by a 35-year old computer animator named Barzolff as a proof of concept for a movie in development at Partizan, the company behind the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The videos, he said, were intended as research for a feature-film project he’s been working on with Partizan, the company responsible for, among others, Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

When contacted to verify the story, Eternal Sunshine producer Georges Bermann said it was all true, and that Barzolff was “an absolute genius” who could “make anything look entirely real.”

The movie is about two guys who create a UFO hoax so realistic it quickly spirals out of control. Barzolff stressed the videos were not intended as a viral marketing ploy. His movie is still in the idea phase, and he created the hoax strictly as a “sociological experiment” – in other words, just to see what would happen.

Barzolff called the results of his experiment “entertaining, thrilling, completely addictive and a little scary.” The scary part, he said, was that in spite of the evidence, “many people refuse to believe it’s a hoax.”

UFO Over Haiti Hoax explained in a really weird new video by UFO hoax creator Barzolff and just posted on YouTube last night:

And now you now the rest of the story about the UFO Over Haiti.