House: Cuddy Stripper Video – House episode video clip of Dr. Lisa Cuddy as a stripper in the brain-injury dream sequence from House season 4, episode 15.

House dream sequence of Dr. Lisa Cuddy as a stripper

In the “House’s Head” episode, House hallucinates the Cuddy stripper routine as he tries desparately to recall an important brain-damaged memory from the bus crash.

House's Head episode 15 from season 4

Of course, that gives us a great look at the lovely Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House.

Dr. Cuddy does a strip tease on the Fox hit show House

Here she is dressed as a naughty schoolgirl and doing a sexy strip tease inside House’s head.

House fantasy sequence of Dr. Cuddy as naughty schoolgirl

There’s no doubt that Lisa Edelstein has a rockin’ bod.

Lisa Edelstein plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House

House is always making outrageous comments about her breasts.

The House's Head episode stripper dream ends a moment too soon

Or about Dr. Cuddy’s bodacacious booty seen in the photo below.

Dr. Cuddy bends down to pick up a pen on House

House: Dr. Lisa Cuddy Strip Tease Video Clip

Here’s the video clip from the “House’s Head” episode of Dr. Lisa Cuddy just how House wants her to be… a naughty schoolgirl stripper.

Lisa Edelstein wearing sexy black dress

Lisa Edelstein has been known to wear a sexy dress or two.

Lisa Edelstein at Madonna's record launch

She wore this black dress to Madonna’s record launch.

Lisa Edelstein make Dr. Lisa Cuddy the hottest doctor on TV

It’s no wonder Dr. Lisa Cuddy is the top fantasy in House’s Head!

And that’s the House: Cuddy Stripper Video.