Lauren Conrad Is a Skanky Ho – More drama and hot pics from the MTV show The Hills with Audrina Patridge calling star Lauren Conrad a skanky ho for sleeping with her boyfriend.

Photo of Lauren Conrad as a skanky ho

Boy, it just doesn’t get much juicier than two celeb hotties like Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad calling each other a skanky ho for hooking up with their exs and then trading veiled barbs on their blogs about who’s the bigger slut.

Audrina patridge and Lauren Conrad in bikinis on beach

Here is the Audrina Patridge blog post about Lauren Conrad hooking up with Justin Bobby: “I woke up this morning and it seems like just about every gossip magazine or blog has a story about Lauren hooking up with Justin.

Lauren Conrad with Audrina's ex-boyfreind Justin Bobby

“I’m not sure what to believe. Though Justin and I have not been exclusive for quite some time, these rumors are very confusing and hurtful. I can’t comment on whether they are true or false.”

Lauren Conrad displaying an large amount of cleavage

Judging by some of the things Lauren Conrad wears while out on the town looking to hookup, it can’t be that hard to get in her pants.

Audrina Patridge parties with the Pussycat Dolls

Whereas, Audrina Patridge is always well dressed in a conservative fashion.

Lauren Conrad in bikini on boogie board

Of course, Lauren Conrad denied that she’s a skank or a ho on her own blog, saying “The rumor I’m referring to is that I “hooked up” with Audrina’s non-boyfriend Justin.(eww.) This accusation is insulting on so many levels. I’m being accused of being a bad friend, a slut and a liar all at once. It would actually be funny to me if people weren’t taking it seriously.”

And that’s the latest drama from MTV’s “The Hills” with Audrina Patridge saying that Lauren Conrad is a skanky ho.