Awesome freakin one wheel motorcycle video clip of an amazing monowheel bike with a Buick V8 engine. Second vid clip features a spectacular one wheel motorcycle crash where the bike somersaults every which way with the rider hanging on for dear life. Probably the best set of motorcycle videos I’ve ever seen!

Wouldn’t want to ride that one-wheeled bike because it looks incredibly hard to stop. Here are the four most incredible video clips of one wheel motorcycle action you’ll find anywhere:

Awesome crash of one-wheel motorcycle

You won’t believe this crash! One wobble and the guy totally loses it. One wheeler goes end over end with him falling out every which way. Incredible footage!

One wheel motorcycle with Buick V8 engine hauls ass

This homebuilt monowheel with a big V8 motor rocks! Not sure how well it stops but man it’s fast. This one wheel motorcycle is actually street legal, which is a major plus. Not sure anybody could afford the insurance if that other monowheel crash video gets popular.

CycleWorld Homemade One-Wheeler Motorcycle (Monowheel)

Great video from Cycle World showing homebuilt monowheel with small motor, but great handling and turning capability. Lots of how-to build your own monowheel tips.

Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Hits 300KPH in France

Incredible helmet cam action shows bike weaving in and out of traffic at super high speed. Guy passes people on the side of the road at over 200 mph!

One wheeled motorcycles (historical invention slideshow)

This one’s got pictures of various powered monowheels from the past century. Some of them look pretty darn scary to ride.

Not sure the whole one wheel motorcycle thing will ever catch on, but they sure are fun to watch!