Facebook phishing – Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are reporting a phishing warning for static.ak.fbcdn.net when users try to login at Facebook.com.

Facebook phishing warning

The Facebook phishing warning is triggered by a broken advertisement link at atic.ak.fbcdn.net related to the new Facebook Connect service and Facebook is working to correct the problem.

The static.ak.fbcdn.net website is owned by Facebook and is used to serve up parsed data and application-related Ref handles when a user arrives at Facebook.com, so there is no real phishing threat.

Facebook Developer Forums were abuzz this morning with talk about the false phishing warnings with administrators acknowledging that fbcdn.net was listed as a phishing site.

While this one was definitely a false alarm, with all the phishing scams targeting Facebook users, you can’t be too careful when logging in on a site your browser says is suspicious.

And that’s the latest news on Facebook phishing.