Scam Alert: It’s sick and twisted in a creepy family values kind of way, but Marry Our Daughter is also a big phishing scam. Check out these marryourdaughter profiles of 13-year-old and 14-year-old girls up for sale to anyone who wants to pay their “bride price.” 

Now Marry Our Daughter is so disgusting that it can’t possibly be true, but curiosity compels us to take a look anyway!

Marry Courtney age 13
From the Marry Our Daughter web site: “Marry Our Daughter is an introduction service assisting those following the Biblical tradition of arranging marriages for their Daughters.

We charge a variable fee per listing, depending on the bride price requested and other factors. Potential grooms are not charged. We do not assist in negotiations, we only provide introductions.”
Marry Monique age 14

Phishing Website Proof

The website seems real and perverted at the same time, so it’s got a huge viral marketing buzz going on, but it’s a phishing site that wants your email address. The Marry Our Daughter domain name was only registered July 7th with (with ownership hidden from view), so there’s no way they could actually have any real “testimonials” yet.

MarryOurDaughter even uses tricks like “scarcity” and special “clearance sale” pricing to entice you. Who wouldn’t want a great deal on a 17-year-old foster child (almost 18 and on the clearance rack) that you could pick up cheap for $3,995, especially after some of the other good ones have already gotten “engaged” through the site…


Anna's on clearance for $3995!

Interested in listing your daughter on Well, it’s gonna cost you some big bucks! Quote from the Marry Our Daughter site:

“Bride Price Wanted: 
 You can select any Bride Price you choose, but if we approve your daughter for listing then we will charge you an upfront fee of 5% of the Bride Price you are requesting. That is the only payment we will ever ask for.
Please write a short description of your Daughter, what she is like, what she knows of life, what she wants in a husband, based on the above conversations. This information will be used to develop your Daughter’s MARRY OUR DAUGHTER listing.”

MarryOurDaughter is all a big phishing scam to trick people into submitting their email addresses so huge email lists can be sold to spammers.

None of the so-called contacts at the site – Roger Mandevan (Publicity Director),  Bill Wallington, or Jarrod Hightower – have any Google online history. Very strange for a Publicity Director to not be in Google anywhere else:

Roger Mandevan doesn't exist

Phishing Scam Bottom Line: It’s all a big viral marketing scam, but it is a rather “remarkable” one like the Facebook Wendy prank last week (beautiful girl on vacation loses digital camera at beach with naughty pics on it). Too bad it turned out to be a buzz marketing promo for an adult website.

It’s OK to visit this creepy Marry Our Daughter website where underage teenage girl brides are for sale just to see it for yourself, but don’t enter your real email address trying to be funny, outraged, or even – heaven forbid – to buy yourself a child bride.

That’s what the scammers at the phishing website are counting on!

Latest update on Marry Our

OK, I admit I wasn’t using my noggin correctly when I wrote this. I’m so used to seeing scams that are designed to capture email addresses that I assumed that’s what they were doing at Marry Our Daughter.

Well, you now the old saying: “If you assume, you only make and ass out of u and me…”

Here’s a link to Brad Stone’s excellent article in THe New York Times on the real deal behind

The site was indeed a hoax and intended to provoke debate on the marriage laws in our country. Personally, I prefer Arkansas where currently you can get married at any age as long as the girl isn’t pregnant. Of course, if she is pregnant, you have to wait until she is 18…

So, what’s next in the MarryOurDaughter or Marry my Daughter world?

I’m thinking a new MTV reality show called Pimp My Daughter isn’t far off!