Nancy Martling, aka Nancy Sirianni – Nancy Seriani – Nancy Siriani – Nancy Sirianni Martling – Nancy Ciriani – is Jackie Martling’s wife or actually Jackie Martling’s ex-wife. Howard Stern was joking around on today’s show about finding Nancy Martling a guy to date and doing a listener call in so Nancy Serianni could interview the candidates.

Here’s a nice pic of Nancy Serianni back when she was Nancy Martling doing the old hide-and-peekaboo boob thing:
Nancy Martling aka Nancy Sirianni
AFAIK, there aren’t any nude pics of Nancy, but you can see why Howard Stern says he always fantasized about nailing her!

Here’s her vitals: Height: 5′ 7″ – Weight: 115 lbs – Hair: Auburn – Eyes: Blue.

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Here’s how Nancy Martling, now Nancy Serianni became part of the Howard Stern Show’s First Wives Club. She and Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling were divorced after many years of marriage where both had successful careers that pulled them apart even as they worked together on many business projects in both music and comedy.

Howard Stern Show First Wives Club
Howard Stern Show First Wives Club

The riffing on the Howard Stern Show of Nancy Martling being in need of a date went something like this (quoted from, the best daily news coverage of the Howard Stern Show):

Howard said they’ll be looking for men who want to date Jackie the Joke Man’s ex-wife Nancy today. That led to the guys talking about Nancy and how she’ll be coming in for the dial-a-date thing on a future date. Today they’re going to be picking men for the dating thing. Howard and Robin talked about some of the things that Nancy did years ago when she was still with Jackie. Howard played a song that she wrote and wanted to sell to Debbie Gibson. It was a Christmas song.

Howard said there was also a clip of Jackie Martling and Nancy on the Vin Scelsa show. He played that clip where Jackie was talking up a song he wrote as he started to play. He was asked if it was the Pot Song he was about to perform. Jackie said it wasn’t that song, it was the Pot Song only slower. He and Nancy then sang the song together on that show. Robin wondered how they could have gotten a divorce because they got together so well and clicked on so many levels.

Howard said that Nancy Martling called them and said she’d like to do this dating thing and Jackie is apparently okay with it. Howard said that she’s a lovely woman but you’d have to put up with a lot of stuff. The guys talked about the way Jackie used to pay for everything but Nancy would say that she was his manager and she was getting paid so she was using her own money to do those things that they thought Jackie was paying for.

Artie said he was listening to the old stuff during the vacation and realized that Billy West also had a wife that managed him. He said he’s not sure he could handle something like that himself. Howard and Robin said that Nancy Martling called her production company Spinning Plates and there were a couple of other names for the production companies they used to run. They had Off Hour Rockers and Big Orange Marble and they were all for different things.

The guys were goofing on Jackie and Nancy about all of that stuff and how they were most likely sitting in different chairs next to each other in their house while they were running all of those different companies. Gary came in and said that Nancy’s wife used to run the office so Jackie could never say anything to her. He said Jackie had a weird thing where he’d plug Nancy’s stuff on the show and he’d never get the joke if they goofed on her.

Robin said Jackie didn’t like when they goofed on his songs either. He wouldn’t laugh when they were laughing at his songs. Howard went into another Nancy Serianni song after that and said that someone out there could be dating her and paying for all of her recording studio stuff.

Howard and Gary talked about how Nancy kind of wanted her own shot at making it big like Jackie was when he was on the show. Gary said she kind of felt like she should have a shot just like Jackie did. Artie said he was surprised that they didn’t get a good manager to help them out back then when they were doing really well. Robin said there was a time when Nancy wasn’t the manager and it was very confusing for them.

Howard played another Nancy song and goofed on that as well. Howard said that Nancy will be calling in today to help out with the screening of the guys who want to date her. Robin said she still looks good, she saw a recent picture of her not too long ago.

Here are a couple more fun pics of Nancy Serianni:Nancy with Tanya Tucker
Nancy Martling with Tanya Tucker

Nancy Sirianni & Jackie Martling
Nancy and Jackie Martling at Rainbow Room

Nancy Sirianni playing with her group, The Scoldees
Nancy Serianni playing with her group, The Scoldees

The Scoldees’ play “Cocoon” from their CD, Nightcap World. It’s received airplay across the country and was a favorite of the music press.

With Howard Stern doing his best to hook her up, Nancy Serianni is sure to become a lot more famous than she has been. This will probably evolve into a long-running gag plumbing new lows in her love life, but Nancy can handle it. After all, she put up with Jackie Martling for over a decade, so how bad can Howard be in comparison?

And now you know everything there is to know about the whole dating Nancy thing. Find out more about her on the Nancy Martling (Sirianni) website.