While unpacking during an overseas trip, a woman got a surprise note from the TSA about the vibrator in her luggage, finding a scrawled message on the TSA form letter reading, “GET YOUR FREAK ON.”

TSA vibrator note

Blogger Jill Filipovic says that after her flight from Newark to Dublin, she opened her suitcase to find this special note from the TSA scrawled across the agency’s official search form.

“guess they discovered a ‘personal item’ in my bag,” Filipovic tweeted along with a photo of the note. “Wow.”

The item in question was a small, inexpensive silver bullet vibrator from the sex toy chain Babeland, chosen because Filipovic thought it “wouldn’t raise any flags at TSA.” Now “I’m grossed out,” says Filipovic, “but it’s also hilarious.”

The TSA says it’s investigating the incident. Meanwhile, other bloggers are cracking wise. Here, a sampling:

Conservative agenda?
“Is self-pleasuring really considered ‘freaky’ by anyone’s standards these days?” asks John Del Signore at Gothamist. “Or is Newark airport subcontracting out their security screening to Focus on the Family?”

Mission accomplished
“As part of its ongoing efforts to make air travel as uncomfortable as possible,” says Dan Amira at New York, “the TSA is now, apparently, leaving behind little creepy notes about the personal items it finds in your checked luggage.”

Just saying
“Given that ‘groping’ leaps to many people’s minds the minute the TSA is mentioned,” says Anna North at Jezebel, “it might behoove agents to exercise a little discretion when going through people’s stuff.”

Touchy subject
Is this “hilarious or horrifying?” asks Lauri Apple at Gawker. “I’m gonna go with ‘horrifying lite’ — if only because there’s the chance that the agent(s) touched the ‘item’ without washing his/her/their hands, or wasn’t paying attention to other potentially freaky things,” like, say loaded guns.

The lesson
“On your next business trip,” says John Giuffo at Forbes, “you might want to leave your more private possessions at home — unless getting your luggage handled is how you ‘get your freak on.'”

And that’s the buzz at HitsUSA about TSA Leaves Note About Vibrator In Luggage.