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Creating A Squidoo Lens - Part 1

The Right Way To Setup Your First Squidoo Lens

Before we get started, use this link to setup a username and password at Squidoo. Then follow along and build your first lens (web page). You should focus on a topic you are knowledgeable about, so that writing about it is easy.

Go here to sign up for Squidoo so you can make your first lens page.

Now that you are signed up, it’s time to get your 1st lens page created. A lens is Squidoo’s term for your webpage, and that page is about any topic you choose.

Log in to Squidoo, and create a Lens. To do this click on the Squidoo logo and then you will see a button on the next page marked “Build My Own Lens” or “Create lens”. You should arrive at Step 1.

Step 1: Choose what your lens is about. Here is where you select a good title for your lens. Decide your topic, whether it is “How to Win at Chess” or “How to Find Good Deals Online”. It doesn’t even have to be a “How to” it can be about any topic you choose, with any title. Such as “Paris Hilton Gossip” or “My Favorite Books” or “LA Lakers Fan”.

Step 2: The best choice for Step 2 is “I just want to do my own thing”. It will give you a basic lens page, and you can then pick and choose what other items you want to add to it later.

Step 3: Edit your title, URL and keywords. You can change your Lens Title here (you can do this later too). You also pick your lens’ URL, which will be “www.squidoo.com/yourlens” with yourlens being whatever you choose. Make it relevant to your title as you can. For example, if your lens is about finding deals online, try using ”www.squidoo.com/finddealsonline” and so forth. Try to make the URL words you choose fairly easy if you want to make it easy to type for others to find.

You will also pick your lens category from a dropdown. There are about 20 or so categories ranging from Entertainment to Technology to Business to Sports. Choose the category your topic fits best in.

Choose the rating for your Squidoo. G Rating means anyone can look at your Squidoo, while R and X are similar to the movie ratings. Keep this in mind, that to get a wider audience, use the G Rating unless you are making an adult themed page.

Step 4: Help people find your lens. Here you can choose the single best keyword for your lens. A keyword will help others find your page on Squidoo. Choose a word that best describes your topic here. If your topic is football players, choose football or sports. You then have the option to put 3 more words describing your topic. While it’s optional, its recommended to add 3 more words, because it will help more people searching for those words on Squidoo find your page.

From here you should get a Edit view of your Squidoo lens. You should just see “Introduction”. You can add a brief description of your page by clicking “Edit”. Add a relevant picture from your computer with the Browse/Upload feature you will see. Make sure to click on “Publish” now. Your Squidoo lens page is live for others to see!

That’s all there is to getting your Lens started. I will go more in depth on how to add modules and other items to your page in Part 2.

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For more tech tips, check out the MCTech Talk Squidoo page!

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